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Solar Thermal - Solar Panels for your home

Solar thermal is regarded as the most cost effective and affordable renewable energy technology currently available for the domestic and commercial market.

Solar evacuated tubes can supply up to 70% of your hot water needs throughout the year and a well designed set-up can actually aid your heating system with its output at different seasons,
for example, spring and autumn, when combined with a thermal store to pump hot water around your radiators or underfloor heating.

Solar Panels

It is a common misconception that solar thermal panels or tubes only work when the sun is shining.  Solar thermal works with diffused radiation, and will give very good results even on a cloudy day.

Solar water heating systems are ideal for domestic water heating and also for swimming pools.

We can design and install systems to give a maximum solar gain for your application including types of panel or tube, controls, and the type of cylinder which would most suit the installation.

There are basically two types of solar panels, flat plates or evacuated tubes.  The evacuated tube version is a more efficient method of collection.  We feel that evacuated tubes are a more cost effective way to harness the energy of the sun.

At Evoheat we can supply and install either panels, flat plate, or evacuated tubes which can be integrated into your existing system or designed in conjunction with other heat sources from the outset of your project or build. Solar Heating FAQ's