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Solar Thermal Heating FAQ's

Is my roof suitable for solar panels?

Most roofs are structurally ok to carry the weight of the panels and if the roofs faces between southwest and southeast it would be ideal but easterly and westerly roofs can work reasonably effectively also.

Do I need planning permission?

Not generally although there may be some issues with listed buildings.

Which type of solar should I use panels or evacuated tubes?

Evacuated tubes tend to be more efficient than flat plates and until recently the tubes were considerably more expensive than the panels but that is not now the case and with our climate the tubes are generally accepted to be the first choice.

Can I heat my swimming pool with solar?

Most definitely so, it is a very cost effective way to heat a swimming pool.

How big are the panels?

Most installations would need between 4-6sq m of your roof space.

Can I use my existing boiler with solar?

Most boilers are compatible with solar thermal although many combination boilers may be a problem.

How much will I save on my bills?

Generally your hot water bill will be reduced by up to 70% it could also increase the price of your house.

What are the benefits of Solar?

Solar thermal systems are generally considered to be the most cost effective reusable energy source currently available. They produce no pollutants to the environment and it is estimated that you could cut your Co2 emissions by up to one tonne per year.