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Underfloor Heating

This is basically a length of multi-layered pipe which is installed into a heat sink, generally a screeded solid floor base, with warm water introduced into the pipe from a pumped manifold.  This will warm the complete slab and introduced a comfortable and even temperature and enable the property to be heating using substantially less energy than if you were using radiators.  When the floor is up to temperature it only needs small inputs of energy to maintain that temperature to the space being heated. 

Underfloor heating is an excellent way to heat a property especially when utilising low carbon and renewable heat technologies.

Underfloor Heating

With recent improvements to building regulations and insulation materials the benefits of underfloor heating are further enhanced.  Running costs can be cut by as much as 30-50% and the space has no hot or cold areas, increasing the comfort and allowing complete freedom of interior design.

Here at Evoheat we have been designing and installing underfloor heating systems for over a decade.

Every system encounters different design concepts especially when working with renewable heat sources.  Therefore we can design a system that is cost effective and ensure that it suits both the property and the client’s needs.